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We created a demo site to give you an idea of what the site looked like. As this was a live-streamed project, some functions won’t work at this point, but have a look at the mouse-overs to get the idea.

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Fibernet Internet by Telenet has always been fast. And now it's even faster. On June 24th, Telenet upgraded its internet speeds & volumes, free of charge, for all of their clients. Our challenge was to let the world know in a fun and engaging way.


We decided to make a fun twist to the Dutch language: ‘faster internet’ means in Dutch ‘rapper internet’. A play on words resulted in an online, live-streamed 16h non-stop rap marathon in which real rappers instantly rap about any topic you want as quickly as possible. Upcoming talents took turns with famous rappers suchs as Brahim, Leki, ABN, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig,…etc Online people could enter keywords for the rappers to work with. Each rapper had 3 min. time to make up a personalized rap of 30 sec. Even our banners were live-streamed! We also sent out a DM, EDM and door-to-door mailing to spread the word of the new improved Fibernet Internet.


In just 16hrs, we grabbed the attention of 60.000 visitors on our minisite, made 1000 unique rap movies that lead to 30.000 hits on these clips. Our live stream resulted in a massive 220.000 views. Our YouTube Masthead was one of the best performing campaign items when it comes to traffic generation with a CTR of 0,85% and an interaction rate of 20,59%, three times more than the stated benchmark of 6,7%. And last but not least, we created awareness among 2,5 million families in Flanders during the whole campaign.