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HTML5 banners (animation & interactive logo)

The first HTML5 Banner ever on Tweakers.net. Do a mouse-over on the frameratefest logo!

Background & Challenge

Webdevelopers and front-end designers/developers have lost interest in Internet Explorer. That loss of interest originates from disappointment on the functionalities that IE7 and IE8 had to offer. They have shifted to using Firefox (31%) and Chrome (11%). Our Challenge was to convince the competitive user that IE9 is worth to try once again.


There is no interest in Internet Explorer, but HTML 5 , the emerging future standard of HTML does interest the competitive user. In 2010 HTML 5 was the newest, hottest thing around. And HTML 5 just works better in IE9 because of;

  1. Unique hardware acceleration
  2. More FPS (Frames per second)
Wich gives better & improved performance, higher engagement and the most professional html5 experience on the web.


We developed an engaging campaign-platform in which we celebrated HTML5 powered by IE9. In a big competition (“fest”) we challenged all creative developers to go wild in HTML 5, powered by IE9, to create a masterpiece in 1 frame, share these fabulous frames by uploading them and try to win the ultimate fame; Frameratefest award! The winner was selected by the number of votes on the submitted frames. We created awareness and traffic for this challenge through well known bloggers, media-first ever HTML 5 Banners, Wallpaper on Wetransfer.com, EDM, and PR (local Web designer magazine).


Not only did we create a lot of positive awareness but also gave back IE9 some sexyness amongst this critical target audience.

With a media budget of € 10.000 we managed to generate:
  1. 3674 tweets and Facebook likes including high influential such as smashing magazine.
  2. 78 blog posts including NOTCOT.org and Adobe user group Netherlands.
  3. The FWA favourite website of the day award.
  4. 63% of all visitors were direct clicks from non-paid social media.
  5. 83% of all site visitors browse via Chrome or Firefox (benchmark = less than 20%).
  6. An impulse of 8151 downloads of IE9 by competitive users.
  7. 4 winning frames!
  8. A Webby Award in the category IT hardware/software