*Holly Happidays Concert

The briefing

E-lotto.be, the online part of the Belgian National Lottery has 415,000 players.
Some players regularly buy an online game of chance, but other accounts play little or never. In December 2014 we wanted to activate these so-called ‘dormant players’ again by giving them a moment of fun.

The Concept

We devised a small web series called “Holly Happidays Concert”, in which an animated choir tried to sing and wish all players Holly Happidays in December.

The Holly Happidays Concert started on 1 December,
but the performance did not go as planned.

Every day there was some other funny reason to cancel the concert.
This turned into an advent calendar with 31 different animations. The audience was always looking forward to what would go wrong the next day, and particularly the moment when the whole song would be sang.

Not everything went wrong.
Because after every unsuccessful concert, the spectators could win some great prizes.

star dinner

money to play on

Christmas tree

city trip to London

professional photo shoot

free flowers for a whole year

iPad Air 2

On 31 December, the choir was finally ready. Throats were coated, the song was performed and confetti fell like snow. And in this way the web series came to a festive and happy end.

The results

The action achieved a nice result of 136,579 participations.
64% took part more than once.

But even more importantly:
we managed to activate the players again.
84% made a purchase on e-lotto.be after participating.