by These Days

We’ve just hosted our very first Creathon. Third-year students from Studio Reclame at the LUCA School of Arts invaded our agency bright and early on October 22. After dividing the students into teams, we briefed them and started the countdown: 24 hours to brainstorm and develop campaign ideas.

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Why is a Creathon important for us? Because we feel that it’s crucially important for students to keep up-to-date in a communication landscape that is evolving increasingly quickly. We want to give students a taste of today’s workplace by working with them on real briefings for actual clients like Telenet, Het Laaste Nieuws, Mazda, VAB and Bridgestone.

The Creathon was a real rollercoaster: working against the clock, searching, swearing, sweating, brainstorming… fueled by pizza and energy drinks. And our creation, branding, social, content and technology experts were there to lend a hand where needed.

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Their hard work really paid off with some of their ideas being submitted to satisfied clients. But what do the students think about our Creathon?

“We think it’s a great initiative. Our briefing was hard and it was a little exhausting, but that was the point of it all. We found the interaction between different functions in the agency to be very interesting. Their feedback was critical and very instructive. We had a very good time, despite the hard work. The Creathon was a great experience that will help us in the future.” – Hanne Buyse & Caroline Lismont

“It was an unique experience for us students, very instructive and we were constantly motivated to really give everything we had. It was a confirmation that advertising truly has no boundaries.” – Simon Vandevoorde

One thing is for sure, a new These Days tradition has been born!