Lunch session: "Dear brands, women no longer need to be pampered. Fathers do."

by These Days

Meet Sandy Thompson, Global Strategic Palling Director at Young & Rubicam. Sandy is regarded as one of the industry’s most innovative and productive strategists. Prior to joining Y&R, Sandy spent 15 years with Saatchi & Saatchi, where she played a key role in strengthening both the Asian and North American regions.

Sandy is a champion of understanding real people and their real motivations in purchase decisions. She gets that the best strategies are about simple human truths. She knows that connecting with people is about connecting with their hearts.

That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that she’ll be paying our Antwerp office a visit on the 26th of November. She’s here for two sessions about modern women and young dads and how brands can seduce them.

What can you expect from these presentations?

Where’s the logic behind brands empowering women, when women are already powerful? We need to turn the story round so brands engage in real conversations that make a real-life difference while women themselves are redefining who they are.

And what do you understand about the differences between modern dads and their childless peers? For a start, they’re nothing alike when it comes down to the laws of attraction…

Daddy Marketing

Triggered? Join us, and learn to seduce both!

Thursday, November 26th
11:00 – 14:00

These Days
Generaal Lemanstraat 47
2018 Antwerpen

Want to join us? Send an e-mail to ann.stevens@thesedays.com by 12/11. Be quick because places are limited!