Telenet spreads Holiday Cheer

by These Days

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Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the jolliest and merriest season of the year. Telenet stores and the Telenet HQ are ready to spread Holiday Cheer thanks to their joyful Christmas decorations. Now it’s your turn! In between practicing your Santa impression and stealing kisses under the mistletoe, it’s time to go from store to store and from e-shop to e-shop to find the perfect gift for your loved one(s). A brand new smartphone will make everyone happy – even if it’s not on their wish list. But, how about taking the perfect gift a step further? The latest Telenet door-to-door leaflet has some fantastic Christmas deals – and it can be used as wrapping paper afterwards. The perfect gift and wrapping in one easy step.

Start checking your mailbox as of today for your copy.