The new age of discovery

The first campaign to launch a new car... without the car

The Story

To launch a new car, most brands put a pretty picture with a witty headline on a billboard to show how beautiful and revolutionary it is. But the new Land Rover Discovery Sport is a car for people who want to go out there and experience new things. So its launch should be about adventure, not advertising. That is why we decided to give our target group the opportunity to be part of not one, but ten adventures to remember, before showing anyone the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The adventures

The media

A website was the starting point of our campaign. During the weeks prior to the official launch of the new Disovery Sport, we announced new adventures. To show our target audience the way to the site, we used Facebook, Google and email. People could then subscribe to experience the adventures (with a few lucky people enjoying a free adventure) before they were asked to discover one more thing: the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.


The results

Thanks to this unusual approach we attracted 5,000 direct prospects to our website, leading to 128 orders, even before anyone had ever seen the car. Next to that, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport was associated with words like “Inspiring” and “Exciting” (Facebook comments), giving the car the desired image.

+ 5.000
+ 25.500
Facebook likes
Orders before official car launch