1. Plenty of vitamins

Every Tuesday, a fresh basket of fruit appears on the reception desk, free for the picking. Also a perfect excuse for a chat with Ann.

2. Cheers!

When the boss is treating, he always does it with style. Just ask for details about the trips to Rotterdam, Marbella, Sinalunga or Antalya ...

3. Treats

There are over 100 of us here. This means that, every other day or so, you get a piece of birthday cake, cookies or chocolate-covered marshmallows.

4. Score!

We work for nice customers, so once in a while a great little extra shows up out of the blue.

5. Testing-1-2,

How can you work for a product if you haven't tried it out first?

6. No more shopping stress

Nothing in the fridge to eat tonight? Right next to our office you'll find a brand-new Albert Heijn, the biggest in Belgium. Problem solved!

7. Talent for languages

We've got people from more than 8 countries. We speak a lot of different languages. So every day is like a Berlitz course, but free of charge.

8. Celebrity spotting

Well-known people have been known to drop by. Or we go visit them. A nice anecdote to drop at the next family get-together.

9. Our own beer tap

We have a beer tap. We have a beer tap! We have a beer tap!

10. Losers welcome!

We have our very own football team. It seems that we either enjoy a smashing victory or receive a sound drubbing, with no middle ground – but that doesn't diminish the fun one bit.

11. From pool to ping pong

You can get rid of stress just by playing pool. Rack 'em up!

12. Italiano of all trades

You don't have to look for Paolo - he finds you. If he isn't assembling a cabinet or replacing a lamp, he'll want to fix your flat tyre. Capisce?

13. Mammamia-catering

In his free time, our CEO runs an Italian deli. So meetings and parties are often accompanied by mouthwatering sandwiches.