Senior UX Designer

Your primary goal will be to define the next generation of responsive websites, apps and other interfaces across multiple platforms. Depending on the job you’ll be switching between different hats, these can be: user research, wireframing, UI design.

Desired Skills and Experience:

●  You can gather and analyse user­ and business requirements and translate these to concepts.

●  You can translate these concepts to an information architecture, navigational concept and wireframes.

●  Axure, or any other wireframing/prototyping, skills are a plus.

●  You see the value of creating prototypes, even if it’s only a basic sketch or a LEGO­-brick concept.

●  You are familiar with responsive and component­-based design.

●  You like to collaborate with creative, strategic and technical people to come up with the best possible solution and keep an open mind.

●  You are able to provide an answer when a wireframe or visual design gets challenged by the client. (or the end­-user)

●  You’re eager to learn more about facilitating workshops, hands­-on experience is a plus.

These Days is a cheerful mix. We do not care about religion, skin colour, nationality, … as long as you know your profession and are a fun person to work with.

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