9 key takeouts from Fuel 2017

by Lenny Benaicha - May 15, 2017

Last week I attended “Fuel” in Brussels, an event inviting marketers, managers and innovators for a trip through the most significant innovations in media and telecommunications. What follows are my key takeouts.

  • We have to think about the future as a verb instead of a destination
  • Big data doesn’t necessarily mean good data
  • Not only lawyers and accountants are threatened by artificial intelligence, but also creators.
  • Blockchain technology will allow us to move towards a data democracy,rather than a data monarchy
  • WeChat is designed to kill all industries
  • 4.1 billion people are still not connected to the internet despite the UN dubbing it as a basic human right
  • This year, internet ad spending exceeds TV ad spending
  • We now have satellites monitoring shopping malls parking lots to predict sales
  • We’re looking at the convergence of technology in action

Safe to say, Fuel was a succes. Every detail, ranging from the line-up of speakers, to the venue and the organisation itself, were very well thought of. I indeed feel inspired with fuel for thought.

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