Make love to your weather ad placements

by Raphael Nolens - December 17, 2014


When executing remarketing campaigns targeting at previous visits of a particular website we always notice a significant amount of traffic from weather websites. CTR rates are often higher than average. Traffic quality clearly above average.


Could it be that weather pages and apps are damn good ad positions?
Yes they are.


Weather pages and apps get a lot of traffic. Almost everybody uses them. So the opportunity to reach your target audience is high.

Visitors go there because they have a clear and simple mental task:

  • Will it rain today

  • How cold will it be

  • Should we plan an outdoor weekend next week.

  • ...

The weather page provides crucial information and helps them complete this task.

When a task is completed the likeliness that they might want to leave the page or app they’re on becomes very high.

When task completion is accomplished, likeliness to leave becomes high. The chance the visitors might actually want to view, read and engage with an advertisement becomes a gazillion times higher. If your ad is showing something that truly interests the weather-page-visitor, this will be the moment they click on it.

We once ran a campaign where the prime remarketing website was , but that’s another story.

Raphael Nolens

Head of Performance Marketing