OFFF 2015 - Feeding the future.

by Bert Beckers - June 29, 2015

Nearly one month ago we were in Barcelona for this year’s edition of the high mass of design. For three whole days and together with 4,000 other creative minds, we were submerged in the inspiring world/projects of the speakers at OFFF2015.
The relaxed atmosphere makes this event the perfect location to meet other designers or engage in a chat with your design heroes.

Meanwhile enough time has passed to forget about the organisational screw-ups: OFFF was overbooked, which led to long queues and auditoriums being closed off. Annoying, of course, but the city itself made up for most of these inconveniences. We came back freshly inspired and our batteries fully recharged.

Below I’ve tried to summarise a few striking trends.

Stop working fucking digital

There’s a growing trend to make everything by hand. Lettering, papercraft, murals and chalk drawings are hot. More and more, you’re no longer working strictly digital but from analogue to digital and back again. It’s all about the craft, the imperfection of the hand-made aspect must be clearly visible. Everything is created in the here and now: no more special effects or post-production, what you see is what you get. Thanks to advances in software, the possibilities for a seamless combination of the analogue and digital worlds are growing rapidly.

Fucking work

Many speakers talked about their everyday reality, working with clients, making concessions, failures, finding inspiration… They drown you in quotes.

Chuck Anderson, for instance: ‘If you do something, something will happen. If you do more, more will happen’. To really get somewhere you need to work hard, believe in yourself and just go for it.

What is most striking about this type of event, though, is the glorification of night work. Concept artist Phillipe Carvalho was the perfect example: by day he works for a production company while at night he focuses on his creative work.
After a measly 3 hours of sleep it’s back to the production company.
I find it hard to imagine how this can be ‘creative’.

Fortunately there were a few speakers such as Weareseventeen who talked about the highs and lows of what we do. The main thing is doing something you like. Why spend your life in a job you don’t like and fail anyway? If you’re going to fail surely it’s better to at least do something you like.

Fucking Sag Meister

The Guru, the design pope, the meister was also in Barcelona to give a presentation. He could even spare two seconds to pose for a selfie with Dorien & Louise.
He mostly talked about how beautiful design is indeed functional and how he can be attracted to beauty.

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After three days of inspiration, tapas and Spanish sun we got back on the plane with our creative juices flowing and a smile on our faces.

I can’t wait for OFFF 2016 to roll around.

Bert Beckers

Multimedia Designer