Soldiers of Love

by Sylvie Versteylen - February 12, 2015

Dear Client,

Over the past 13 years, we have experienced some amazing love stories with you.

Love - the agency version.


We love to think that we're rational, fact-driven individuals at work. Armed with insights and knowledge, we develop smart strategies, business proposals and effective campaigns. Still, it takes courage and, in these disruptive times, a leap of faith for you to follow our ideas. Thank you, dear Client, for trusting us.

Mutual respect

We're often convinced that we're right. We're passionate about our work and we want you to be too. That’s why we invite you to be open and candid in your feedback to us. Well ... Never a dull moment! We apologize for the times we acted like a sulking girlfriend when you didn’t fall in love with our ideas... It's just that they were really, really great! Thank you for appreciating the efforts we put into our work.


Let's be real. We do not always get things right. And sometimes, you make us feel like a supplier or a vendor. We both quarrel or get frustrated over budgets. Long after honeymoon feeling has faded and success has been capitalized, loyalty is what keeps us together. We always find our Mojo again, but it takes two to dance. Thank you for sticking with us.

We all get the partner we deserve.

So happy, dear Client, that it's you.

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Sylvie Versteylen

Managing Director