by These Days - March 07, 2016

As seen on TV! And on the internet, radio, retail, mobile, outdoor, social…

We’re two months deep in the new year and loads of interesting stuff has come across our path.  We made a selection of advertising, tech and design cases and showed them to our colleagues. And now you can check ‘em out too.

February 2016 has been curated by Olivier, Gertjan & Tijs.


A very necessary and well-executed campaign to reassure tourists our capital is still safe.

Red Bull: Man vs Machine

Someone at Red Bull must have been thinking: “Hey, we sponsor a Formula One team, and a rugby team. Why don’t we put them together in a video?”. And that’s exactly what they did.

Google Maps: #MiniView

There was some discussion about this one. Some people argued that this is a pointless campaign, since everyone already knows about Google Streetview. However, from a B2B perspective, this might be a very sound idea: think about all the supermarkets and amusement parks waiting to be included on Streetview.

General Electric: Unimpossible Mission

Who says engineering is boring? This series was used by General Electric to show potential employees, via LindedIn, what a cool employer they are. They also demonstrated to clients that GE makes the impossible possible.

OVK: Forever Young

Belgian road safety campaign. You could hear a pin drop when we showed this.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology has come a long way. But right now, it’s getting really good, and easy to use. The possibilities are endless. Even Snapchat has implemented it. It can also be used for personalized digital outdoor advertising (you could target on age, gender and mood). Or, you could develop software for casting agencies, to weed out the bad acting from casting tapes.

Written in the Sky

Intriguing app idea: conveying your holiday wishes through the stars.

Facebook reactions

If you haven’t seen Facebook’s newest addition, you’re probably living in a cave. Some people argued the social network waited too long to implement the different reactions, others couldn’t care less. Nonetheless, we’re all curious how brands and agencies will use this new tool creatively.

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Evans Hunt: Agency Sweethearts

Sweet little campaign from an independent advertising firm. They wanted to surprise their clients for Valentine’s day, in a fun and fresh way, and we think they did so brilliantly. They made small candy mints with saucy Valentine’s day wishes, like “Brief me good” or “Talk copy to me”. Stellar execution!

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Premier League Redesign

The Premier League is the first division of England’s professional football. It’s the biggest league in the world, in terms of money and exposure. When the announcement of their brand redesign resulted in a lot of backlash. One of the pillars of the design philosophy, “Make it work as an app icon, and worry about everything else after”, was controversial. We liked it, especially if you compare it with the logos of other European leagues. However, it reminded us a lot of the Spotify rebrand.

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Facebook: Marketing cards

Facebook UK wanted to share its market insights of the year 2015 in an original way. They decided to design and distribute a custom made deck of playing cards. Crafty concept.

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