This we love - October 2015

by These Days - November 04, 2015

As seen on TV! And on the internet, radio, retail, mobile, outdoor, social…

Are you still stuffing yourself with Halloween candy? Well, These Days Y&R has an even more delicious treat in store for you. Our creative, content & social and creative technology peeps have put their brains together to select October’s highlights. They may (or may not) have been on a sugar rush while doing so. Binge-read-watch-enjoy and repeat!

October 2015 has been curated by Annelies, Stephanie, Coralie & Sam

If you love to crash, you’ll hate it. But if you hate to crash, you’ll love it.

A simple, feel-good idea. Watch how Mercedez-Benz demonstrates their newest feature.

Taking pizza delivery to the next level.

Domino’s is known for making an extra effort for their customers – often in the most unexpected ways. How else would you describe a car with a pizza oven in it? It’s a great idea, supported by a beautifully designed website. Bon appétit!

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Hmm. Now we’re craving kitchens.

IKEA has a yummy movie on its menu. Literally. It’s time to cook some kitchens!

Life as the marketing guys know it.

Don’t get us wrong. We love being in advertising. But there are certain situations that happen more often than you’d think. Here’s Adobe Marketing Cloud take on it.

“I want candy and potato chips!” – Tweet by Political Chairman Wouter Beke.

Has the Twitter account of Belgian politician Wouter Beke been hacked by his 9 year old daughter? No. It’s actually an campaign to increase awareness of the issues of raising children in a digital age and how to monitor their online presence.

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Read something else than your phone for a change.

The city of Grenoble, France, and the publisher Short Edition have launched a short story machine on 8 crowded places in the city. Why? To give people something to read when there’s no Wi-Fi or their batteries are low.

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Are you worthy of the hammer?

If you’re a huge Marvel fan, you’ll absolutely love this. It also shows how easy it is to make cool stuff with just a bit of imagination.

Nature meets technology

By using electronics and electromagnets, these people managed to "control" Ferro Fluid liquid. Meet: the Ferrolic.