This we love - September 2015

by These Days - October 12, 2015

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September 2015 curated by Joeri, Bram, Jorian & Olivier

Why shout if you can sing?

"Goodbye serious" says Cornetto, and we couldn't agree more. These three commercials for the price of one make us happy. An it proves that you don't have to shout to be clear.


Ever wondered how it would feel to control someone else’s body? Well, so did Greg Gage. Watch him demonstrate how you can try it yourself!

Burger peace

A tasty idea by our colleagues of Y&R New Zealand. In honour of Peace Day, our colleagues suggested that Burger King end the beef with McDonald's... with beef. Unfortunately, we'll never know what it tastes like.

Made in Russia

Dominating a complete radio commercial break without buying it. That's what we call a great media idea, Russian style. Don't worry about the language barrier: sneezing is universal.

The wireless look

Would you like to see what a wireless network looks like? Discover it for yourself.

Sponsor generated content

In an effort to hype 'Narcos', Netflix hired the Wall Street Journal to create a native ad that dives into the business of cocaine. An addictive showpiece.

Every second matters

Why not keep a video diary by filming one second a day. There's an app for that. Take a minute to enjoy the intrusive radio campaign.

Automated dating?!?

Imagine a guy getting tired of swiping in the tinder app. Luckily he has an idea and writes an algorithm of his ideal match. Volià! The very first tinderbot!

Move around!

Facebook launched its new 360 Video with a call to “explore the world in new, immersive ways”. New Balance made Vincent Kompany the star of... a little boxing workout. Can you keep up?

How to get rid of hunks

Andes beer continues to help men. This time the Argentinian brand gave ordinary guys a great night by... getting the Adonises out of the way. We’ll let them explain it themselves.

Shot on unique locations

Which photographer wouldn't love to be the first to take pictures in a completely new location? But, that can be rather hard to find - except when using this unique camera.


Imagine encountering a giant “street art” poster of your latest Instagram picture on your usual running tour. Nike made it happen in the streets of Moscow.

A very neat idea

We tend to give the homeless food, clothes, blankets and toys ... But how about converting old buses into mobile showers? That’s how Lava Mae brings health, hygiene and humanity to the homeless.

Love waiting

When you're hungry you don't like to wait. This delicious appetizer – with some fancy animations & technology – might be the answer for restaurants.


Twitter’s custom emojis have made their first appearance as an ad. Guess what brand it is?

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