#TNW2017 in a nutshell

by These Days - June 01, 2017

We’re just back from two days at one of Europe’s leading tech festivals: The Next Web Conference. 6 stages. 2 exhibitions. 187 talks. And – last but not least – 4 These Days representatives amongst the 12,500-strong audience, all exploring the “We are only human after all” theme.

And just for those who love people, digital, media, marketing and business, here’s what we learned:

  • We are only human after all. The conference focused not on the creation of tools themselves, but on the long-term value for users and the effects they have on all of us.
  • Machines shouldn’t act like humans and humans shouldn’t act like machines. Let’s start calm technology: consider all our senses to amplify the best of tech for the best human balance.
  • The scarce resource isn’t tech, but attention. So forget about the minimum viable product, go for maximum fucking love. Design with beauty and ease-of-use in mind (e.g. Nike case).
  • From easy startup to hard scale-up. Companies that don’t want to be disrupted on the way, should think of their path as a bus journey:
  • Plan where you want to go;
  • Figure out who has to be on the bus with you; and
  • Make sure you don’t run out of gas as you drive towards your destination.
  • Marketing data isn’t about analytics but understanding digital giants (Google, Facebook, Twitter, …) between the brands and the consumer.
  • The best way to stay ahead is to challenge, create and educate others about what you’ve already learned.
  • Work hard, go home. In a connected world it’s not the technology, it’s the attitude that matters.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of sound in UX design. Think Pokémon Go, safety signs, Siri, …
  • Data privacy is important: think about the difference between IoT user agreements and what happens in real life with this data.
  • Keep your eyes open for the growth of artificial intelligence (e.g. Hardwell chatbot), blockchain (e.g. Chris Skinner and Shermin Voshmgir) and augmented reality (e.g. Blippar)

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Without any doubt, we all went home buzzing thanks to the diverse topics, the massive sound and led lines and not to forget the relaxed Dutch touch. The resonance and large turnout at the Dome might have helped too.

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