Trouble is brewing

by These Days - August 03, 2017

Article written by Katleen De Vlieger and Sjors Kremers

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Jupiler (in Belgium) and Heineken (in the Netherlands) are cultural icons that have managed to bridge the gap between generations. Until now.

Our latest Brand Asset Valuator data (February 2017) revealed that Jupiler (in the Belgian market) and Heineken (in the Dutch market) were the only lagers (within the BAV study), able to claim and maintain a rich image across three generations: babyboomers (born 1946-1964), gen X (1965-1981) and  millennials (1982-1995). However, when passing the beer from babyboomers (the parents) to millennials (their children) some image traits have been spilt: honesty, social engagement and customer-centricity *. The exact three values that have been extensively identified as key factors for brands to appeal to both millennials and the next generation (Gen Z), a generation that will soon or has recently reached the legal drinking age. And they’ve reached this milestone in the midst of the Craft Brewing Age.

Gen Z – even more so than millennials – appreciates brands that aren’t afraid to be transparent, take a stand (on social issues) and allow consumers to shape brands and products. They applaud brands that take a position that not everyone necessarily agrees with.

That might be a chilling thought for an everyman and -woman’s brand like Jupiler or Heineken. Their rich image, simultaneously claiming numerous different brand values, has allowed them to ‘please the many’. But with Craft Beers becoming more popular, trouble is brewing.

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(source: BrandAsset Valuator, 2017, Belgium & the Netherlands)