Pensioenavonturen / L’ Aventure Pension



Every year, some 20k Belgian retirees run out of money before their fifth year of retirement has ended.The average Belgian retirement, however, lasts about 20 years. AXA’s new retirement income product is designed to bridge that exact gap… and prevent pensioners face premature penury. The snag? Belgians run away (screaming) when ‘the R-word’ is mentioned: two out of every three active >50 year olds prefer not to prepare their pension, one in four refuses to even think about retirement.


Pensioenavonturen / L’Aventure Pension is the centerpiece of a long-term content strategy pulling ‘the reckless retiree’ through a non-linear, inbound funnel, in five stages. We wake up the audience with a series of alarming stats. Sympathetic video portraits of freshly retired peers add some soft selling. We answer the questions retirees (had better) ask. And we offer a budget simulator, where retirees fail – “Sorry!” – to match income and aspired lifestyle. Every single snippet of content is tagged with a friendly CTA, urging retirees to see an advisor soon. That’s how we build the database enabling AXA to retarget hot qualified leads with the solution (they didn’t realize) they had all been waiting for.