Safety challenge



How can Bridgestone let their target audience experience the importance of tyres as a road safety measure via an online tool?


People mostly learn things by doing them. So we created an online game that lets you think about the braking distance of a car, taking various influencing factors into account. The challenge? Try to guess the braking distance by stopping the car exactly on the target, keeping in mind the changing weather, speed and tyre conditions. Afterwards you receive info about the specific tyres and their purposes.

The Result

Over 100,000 people played the game, and we received thousands of registrations from people all over Europe who wanted a chance to win one of the many prizes (such as a set of tyres, watches and tickets to the Paris Motorshow). Besides creating awareness for the Bridgestone brand, we managed to teach these people about tyre safety and braking distance in a fun and playful manner.