Long term brand strategy

Devos Lemmens


In 2003, Campbell´s asked for our help to make their sauce brand, Devos Lemmens, a genuine love brand. And to put the brand's authenticity and fun right back in the spotlight.


We chose radio as the foundation for the brand. This medium could be activated quickly at barbecue moments, when sauces are used liberally and the social brand experience ´pleasure at the table´ plays a central role. The lead characters in the spots are Devos & Lemmens, 2 happy friends. Each radio spot contains humorous dialogues and a recognisable dialect. On likeability, the spots earn 6.8 compared to 6.1 of the market, on memorability 62% compared to 43%, and on attribution score 81% compared to 40%. The long term vision and strategy resulted in the radio saga winning an industry-awarded Effie Award.