Rename The Name of Shame



50 years after Rocco Granata scored a monster hit with the song ‘Marina’, a movie of his life was created and called Marina. In the 60s the song was so popular, many parents called their baby daughter Marina. But in the 90s everybody started using the same name to define a trashy bimbo. The name was even included in the dictionary as an insult. Not an ideal name for a new movie.


To promote the movie, we decided to clear the name Marina. We asked a team of Marinas to show that they aren’t bimbos, but doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. Quickly more than 6,000 Marinas started spreading the news, becoming ambassadors of our campaign. This received huge PR coverage. The public realised that being named Marina doesn’t mean being a bimbo and Marinas regained pride in their name. Marina became one of the most highly-viewed Flemish movies ever.