In Vlaamse Velden

Het Laatste Nieuws


Readers of Het Laatste Nieuws could buy the DVDs of the successful Flemish series ‘In Vlaamse Velden’ along with their newspaper. Our challenge was to present this promotion in a fun way and give the paper´s sales figures a boost.


When we learned that Het Laatste Nieuws was actually already being published 100 years ago, we seized on this fact as an ideal link between a promotional DVD action and the content of the newspaper. We asked Het Laatste Nieuws to reprint for one month the editions from 1914 as a free supplement: ´Re-experience The Great War´, 100 years after the beginning of the First World War. In this way readers could day by day follow the outbreak of the conflict and we had their daily attention. Naturally we integrated the DVDs into the campaign. In the spot and advertisement Lize Feryn, the female lead of In Vlaamse Velden, plays an extra scene in which she reads Het Laatste Nieuws of 1914. The paper´s sales figures rose significantly.