The MX-5 is an iconic car of the year 1989 and is now mainly popular among the generation that grew up with the car: generation X. With the launch of the new mx-5 we wanted to make the car stand out for a younger target group: generation Y. We wanted to generate extra test drives and give them an unforgettable experience with the new MX-5.


To speak to both audiences we investigated the need that generation x and y both share in their often busy lives: the need to enjoy life, to seize the day. They don’t just enjoy the destination but also trip there. We wanted to extend the holiday feeling you get when driving with the MX-5 into the campaign.


We brought the vacation experience to life by building a custom made bed and breakfast with a retractable roof, complementary to the design of the MX-5.

Instead of creating the usual car product page, the MX-5 was launched through a booking website. People could check availabilities and book a test trip while discovering highlights of the roadster.


•12% more online test-drive applications than all other Mazda models combined

•Wide variety of Social content

•Reached 130% of the yearly sales target just two weeks after the official car launch.