The Most Detailed Testdrive



With the launch of the new Mazda3, Mazda highlights once more that innovative thinking can achieve great results. The new car was designed with the innovative ‘Skyactive’ technology, which means that in spite of the car using less fuel and emitting less CO2 and other pollutants, it performs better than before. But how do you attract the attention of a car lover who is submerged by hundreds of attractive offers?


As each part of the car was reinvented and improved, we launched the Most Detailed Test Drive ever. 31 field experts literally tested all parts of the car in fun videos that caught the attention of potential buyers. From the reading light to the engine… For instance, the car’s windscreen wipers were tested by a window cleaner, the dual zone air conditioning by identical twins, etc. We coupled this with a contest to win 1 year of free driving with the new Mazda3. During the activation period welcomed 12.5% more unique visitors and test drives increased by 27%.