Scooore! Spots

National Lottery


With SCOOORE! the National Lottery targets the sports betting market. But they want to distinguish themselves from the competition, which focuses on individual players betting for profit. The brand SCOOORE! should get a social, recreational and enjoyable image and be about more than making a few bets: you do it mainly for the enjoyment. The National Lottery asked us to think up an attractive concept that works on TV.


A sporting event doesn´t stop when the match is over. The experience between friends before and after the competition provides at least as much pleasure. We produced an image of these buddies as the friends of Scooore!. They get together at the most unexpected moments in order to consider their bet. And then it´s 'ambiance' guaranteed, the new baseline of the brand. A playful approach for the start of a TV saga. SCOOORE! received a recognisable face which led to impressive sales figures.