Disposable CamerApp



Whole generations have forgotten how it used to be without all the technology we take for granted every day. Too bad, because some things weren’t just crappy but above all a lot of fun. Time for a vintage digital detox... with your smartphone.


Show everyone how far Belgium has come thanks to Telenet when it comes to technology.

And get extra attention for the new smartphone offers.


Telenet presents: The CamerApp. A fun photo app that looks and works exactly like a disposable camera. No filters, no preview and no instant sharing. Instead, users had to wait one week for their photos to be developed and mailed to them before they could see the results for the first time.

When users received their pictures at home, one of the images in the stack was a promotion for smartphones.

Social approach: 
We launched The CamerApp with the help of two of Belgium’s most influential social media celebrities.
They helped by posting... nothing... for a whole week. Their social media silence caused a lot of buzz for the CamerApp. 


We used new technology to bring back the good old low tech days. While having fun going back in time users discovered how far we have evolved when it comes to technology, partly thanks to Telenet.

And got a few interesting promotions for new smartphones while doing so.


•  2.3 million reached on social (population Flanders: 6.4 million) 

•  App sold out 4x 

•  76% daily active users 

•  Smartphone sales increased by 17%. 

•  Number 1 in Google Play and the The App Store 

•  Trending on Twitter