Play Sports is a sport channel from Telenet that not only focuses on the sport but also on the fans. Bringing stories of supporters making a difference for athletes and vice versa.

That’s why their baseline is the following: Great fans make great athletes #bettertogether.

We had to find a way to make the target audience part of the Play Sports story.


We made a website where you could post your ultimate fanplan. Through TV commercials & social media we called on all fans to send in their ideas. We made 2 minute portrait video’s of the best ideas selected by Play Sports. These video’s were broadcasted on tv and used on social media. On the website people could vote and campaign for their favorite idea. Dries Mertens, a famous footbal player from the Belgian Red Devils, picked from a top 3 the  winner.

 The best idea gained the full backing of the Play Sports brand giving them everything they needed to make their idea a succes. The chosen idea even get a full tv-show on the TV-channel VIER in primetime about their idea for their club/athlete.


  • 9,7% more viewers on TV-channel VIER during the #bettertogether tv-show compared to average results during that timeslot
  • 5.436.252 online views
  • 194.953 unique visitors
  • Due to the overal succes of the campaign, the concept will be repeated in 2016.