Pay channel 'Sporting Telenet' was well known by almost all sports fans. But a lot of them weren't convinced to pay for a subscription. Together with the new name 'Play Sports' came a brand new positioning: passionate fans make better athletes. That's what we had to focus on to attract new yearly subscribers.


During this campaign we offered the target group a funny tool to interact with their neighbours. And immediately making them brand ambassador for Telenet's Play Sports.  

We created a direct mailing where we focused on the effect truly passionate supporters can have. Not only on the athletes but also on their surroundings.

We created a direct mailing to present the Play Sports package. The target group received a letter and a leaflet with a personalized offer. But in the same envelope we included also two small envelopes for the right and left neighbour. Each envelope contains an apology for the noise together with a set of earplugs, an invitation to come over and watch a game and a special offer to subscribe to Play Sports themselves.


  •  1,77% of the recipients converted to the Play Sports package.
  •  After 21 days of the launch of Play Sports and its campaign, this direct mailing generated 5,45% of the total sales.