Yelo Play app is a free app for Telenet’s customers in which they can watch live television, manage recordings remotely, search easily through the discover page and be guided by editorial content. In short, it makes planning your tv-night a lot easier.

Through the years, the Yelo Play app was mainly positioned as a second screen solution when people had a tv-conflict.


This campaigns objective was to integrate the use of the app in the daily life of the customers: number of downloads of the app and unique users of the app on a daily basis.

So far general campaigns through the classic media did not result in a shift in behavior to start using the app.


We wanted to communicate with the viewers when they needed it the most: while they were choosing between the overwhelming amount of films and series Telenet has to offer.

To do this… we launched more series. We added 3 trailers to the our on demand video catalogue, each in a different section: sci-fi, romance and thriller.

Each trailer was about the same recognizable home situation: the stress of not being able to choose what to watch. At the end the solution was provided … the Yelo Play App.


We used the ‘on demand video catalogue’ as the principal medium.

Afterwards the trailers and posters were also spread through social media. Just like any other promotional material for real new series and films.


– All 3 trailers made the top 10 of the on demand ratings
– 479.171 trailer views (total Telenet clients = 1,5 million)
– +100% rise in iOS downloads of the Yelo Play app during the campaign
– +75% rise in Android downloads of the Yelo Play app during the campaign
– An increase of 11,9% of unique daily users