These Days


We as an advertising agency are generally perceived as a strong digital and technological agency but not so much as a creative one*. (*ACC Communication Agency Survey by Ipsos)

We used the annual Christmas e-mailing as a medium to show that we are both strong when it comes to technology and creativity.


During the holidays a lot of people don’t know which gift to buy for their loved ones.

So we created Coockieswitch. This is an application that retargeted your friends’ retargeted banners to your own browser window. This way they tell you what your friends want for Christmas. The only thing you need to do is install the coockieswitch plugin, invite a friend and you see their retargeted banners while surfing, instead of your banners. Those banners where indicated with a nice  green Christmas bow and a tag on them.


  • 17,5 % of the recipients installed the plugin
  • Client’s Christmas 100% merrier
  • A new ACC Communication Agency Survey has yet to be held